REVIEW album Adonis My Different Lover (Single)

Artist Who Worked With The Jackson Five Goes Solo

My Different Lover (Single)


ADONIS, mainly known for his work as a backing vocalist for The Jackson Five's Jermaine Jackson and for producing and performing on a number of records released by RCA, Capital and Island Records. His mentor, John Barnes, was the legendary producer, who produced iconic artists such as Cher, Bill Withers and Michael Jackson.

ADONIS' latest single “My Different Lover" was released on the 12th of October 2017 and is taken from his upcoming album 'The Genies' Out The Bottle'. The strong influence of his legendary mentor is clear on this track, the single is an all-out joyous nostalgic pop tune that demands to be heard, which can certainly be hard to find in today’s music scene.

As soon as “My Different Lover” begins it immediately grasps the listner’s attention and takes them for frantic joy ride of music that will bring a smile to your face.

The production of the song is what truly shines here. ADONIS has meticulously crafted every single aspect of “My Different Lover” down to a T, which is enough to amaze your ears and fill you with joy. ADONIS’ dazzling vocals (which are certainly reminiscent of the King of Pop himself) combined with the bombastic production, create a unique blend of pop that transports the listener back to the glamorous and colourful clubs of the 1980’s.

I look forward to listening to ADONIS’ upcoming album  'The Genies' Out The Bottle' and finding some feel-good nostalgic pop tunes that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

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