REVIEW festival Maverick Sabre Creamfields

Talking to Maverick Sabre

I doubt Maverick Sabre is someone who needs much introduction. His debut project "Lonely Are The Brave" made it to number two on the UK albums chart, sharing similar success in Ireland and Scotland, and is easily recognisable from his soulful/reggae crossed tones.

If you've just come out of a three year prison sentence, out from a cave or just don't listen to albums, Sabre also featured on numerous tracks such as Professor Green's Jungle amongst others and smashed onto the scene in 2011/2012 with a skip full of hype. Since all of this impressive success, he's seemed to slip under the radar a bit, only re surfacing recently with a new single 'We Don't Wanna Be'.

Creamfields might not be the first festival you'd expect Sabre to be gracing, but this years Friday evening helped showcase the diversity that Sabre is capable of, laying his soulful lyrics over more dance orientated tracks.

There's a good chance we'll see more of this diversity in Maverick Sabre's new album. With collaborations being spoken of with artists from both the hip hop and dance worlds, there's a good chance we're going to see the unique style and voice he established on the first album, spread into different corners and possible over some grittier instrumentals.

We caught up with Sabre fresh off the stage from his Creamfields set, and discovered that as well as being a great musician, he's also a pretty sound bloke. He spoke to us about his thoughts ahead of the new album, as well as his close friendship with New York rapper Joey Bada$$.

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  • Have had the pleasure of seeing him live a couple of times... he always makes me v. speechless!