REVIEW album Faulkner Hot Streak (Single)

Faulkner Releases New Single 'Hot Streak'

Hot Streak (Single)


Who will I stand by? I will stand by you! A lot of songs in the past by Faulkner that I have listened to makes me think of bands such as "The Killers" and "The Strokes." While the band is still keeping those inspirational roots in this new single I can also tell they wanted to go in a more pop direction.

This song is very catchy and upbeat compared to their older songs and that is what I enjoy the most about this new single. The structure of the song may be pop but it still sounds like "Faulkner". The lead singer "Lucas Asher" voice is very distinctive in this song and I can't help but notice how it sticks out like a sore thumb. I love how I can hear his voice more clearly then lets say in Faulkner's song called "Revolutionary" which is still an awesome song but I think hearing his voice and sticking to more of a raw sound instrumentally is a great direction the band is going towards.

Not only is this song very pleasing to the ear it also has a fun meaning. The meaning of the song is the title of the song "Hot Streak". Everything is going your way and the world is treating you extremely great. I can see myself jamming out to this song in the summer on the beach, traveling across seas or even just walking through a big city such as New York. I am truly excited to hear the rest of their songs for their new upcoming album!

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