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Curious Things

Peppermint Heaven

'Curious Things' is Peppermint Heaven's sophomore release. Now many artists talk about the struggle to craft the 'difficult second album', particularly those who have been met with universal acclaim for their debut. No such complaints arrived from the LA based duo as they had the difficult task of following their debut, which had been met by 4 and 5 star reviews across the board. Instead, they simply focused on producing it's follow-up.

Now, it has to be said that Peppermint Heaven have definitely not reinvented the wheel with their sophomore album. Falling more in the school of debut carbon copy than experimental phase reinvention, Peppermint Heaven are clearly aware what their fans enjoy and are only too happy to deliver more of the same for their thrill.

Though this perhaps means that the sophomore is not quite as glorious as the debut, it has to be admitted that this has not stopped spinning since I first downloaded it.

"With You" is the clear album highlight, this is a release that does not contain a lowlight.

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