REVIEW album RJ Thompson Echo Chamber

RJ Thompson Is Phil Collins For The Cool Kids...

Echo Chamber

RJ Thompson

RJ Thompson isn't exactly a new name to the music world. The Geordie singer/songwriter has spent the last several years building a name for himself and his independent recordings on the live circuit as something of a skilled troubadour. However as his official debut album, 'Echo Chamber', demonstrates there is much more to RJ Thompson than standard singer/songwriter fodder.

With RJ about to head out on tour with the iconic pianist Jools Holland, it is another acclaimed songs-smith that he channels most prominently on 'Echo Chamber'. Phil Collins is an artist whose sound traverses many genres, but is always compelling and intriguing with his sonic choices. RJ Thompson is a modern day version, even if his album is nostalgically retro in sound.

At its most impressive it is both politically charged and personally poignant, with the stunning 'London' and striking 'Skimming Stones' coming close to stealing the show. That accolade though goes to the absolutely unforgettable 'The Girl & The Gunman', which is one of this year's finest musical moments.

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