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Want To Help Shape The Future Of The Music Industry?

Whether you’re a fan or an artist you can’t help but notice the music industry is changing.

If you’re an artist, the challenge of gaining exposure to reach new fans and monetize your music via the plethora of channels available is increasingly difficult. If you’re heading out on tour it’s all about filling every venue and making sure the fans have a great time.

As a fan, it can be a long and painful trawl to find great new music specifically relevant to you, or get recommendations from like minded fans for new bands coming through the ranks. As for the process of buying gig tickets, don’t get us started. Touts, secondary ticketing sites, service charges, ARGH! It shouldn't be like this.

So… we’re shaking things up!

We've launched a crowd-funding campaign with the aim of becoming the 'Tripadvisor' for music and festivals as we believe fan reviews and fair ticketing is the way forward. It's that simple.

For the artists and bands among you... we think there's a much better way to grow and know your fans which is why we're building a ticketing system which will allow you to e-ticket all your gigs and know who's in the room!

We're inviting everyone to become investors and own a piece of for less than the price of a festival ticket. The revolution is coming, do you want to be part of it?

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