REVIEW album Wonderfeel Lao Dreaming

Wonderfeel Presents His Debut Album ‘Lao Dreaming’

Lao Dreaming


Embracing chillout, chillwave, leftfield and electronica and pairing it with world instrumentation to give a more organic, live feel. Inspired by the natural sounds and traditional songs of Lao, this album explores tribal rhythm, solid basslines and deep natural ambiance.

On a recent trip to Lao Wonderfeel was captivated by the singing of a Laotian Buddhist monk, as they sat together in a pitch dark cave. The man's voice bathed in rich natural reverb. Then up in the northern mountains of Lao he met with two tribeswomen who each shared a song from their Akha culture.

With these unique voices and sounds from the natural world, Wonderfeel returned to their headquarters in the forests east of Melbourne. From there it has taken four years to craft the album 'Lao Dreaming'.

Wonderfeel is a strictly sampler-based producer. Using ‘organic’ sounds recorded from the physical world via a microphone to build each piece. Formative inspirations are Art of Noise, Laurie Anderson, George Clinton and African Headcharge with current inspirations Shackleton, Clarity, Chunky and Ancestral Voices.

Peet Wonderfeel has a background in activism and has fronted a message-driven punk band. Wonderfeel is a contributor to Melbourne's freaky underground scene and has hosted full moon dances.

After a successful crowdfunder in mid 2017, the first album by Wonderfeel is ready to go.

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