REVIEW album J-Rob MD High Fives And Thumbs Ups (EP)

EDM With A Soul

High Fives And Thumbs Ups (EP)

J-Rob MD

With his debut EP album 'High Fives and Thumbs Up', J-Rob MD kicks down the front door of convention and rolls into the EDM scene with three unique songs that each have a different story to tell.

'Young Love' was my favorite. No, not because the music video has anime in it and I'm Asian so duh I must love anime. No. I mean true, I love anime, but I like 'Young Love' for a different reason. Normally lyrical EDM songs sound like a Mad Libs mix of "jump"s, "turn up"s, "get down"s, "boom"s and "smash that"s. I'd really like it if EDM stopped telling me what to do. Not J-Rob MD's music. 'Young Love' lyrics have meaning, they have soul. 'Young Love' speaks to everyone who's ever loved before, and to anyone who's ever lost that love.

'Next Party Anthem' is an upbeat journey through musical history. I never felt smarter after listening to EDM, quite the opposite actually. That is until I heard #NPA (that's going to be a thing).

'Die on the Dance Floor' should've seriously been the theme song to the Black Mirror San Junipero episode. Someone call Charlie Booker and make it happen. Personally, it wasn't my favorite episode because I prefer the episodes where people are murdered or mutilate themselves in bitter remorse of their horrid life mistakes made possible by menacingly encroaching technology that pervades their lives, but despite the happy ending San Junipero was still a decent episode. After listening to J-Rob MD's party song rendition of this futuristic scenario, I am taken back to the episode and would totally choose to be uploaded into the cloud if they play 'Die on the Dance Floor' all day.

I highly recommend spending the 10 minutes it takes to listen to 'High Fives and Thumbs Up'. You won't regret it. I cannot wait to hear what else J-Rob MD is cooking up in his science lab of unorthodox beats and lyrical mayhem.

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