REVIEW album The Betty Alice Effect On The Run (Single)

'On The Run' By The Betty Alice Effect

On The Run (Single)

The Betty Alice Effect

'On the Run' by The Betty Alice Effect is a great song with great vocal and musicality.

Really enjoyed it, I recommend it for everyone. It's on iTunes or Spotify. This band really took the time to write something great here.

Can't wait till radio gets a hold of this. Very nicely recorded as well!!

Good job guys.

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  • I've listened to a lot of songs, albums, godsmack, highly suspect and a whole lot of others, and I simply love this song. Great lyrics..... I don't think I'll ever get sick of this one. Keep it up guys!!
  • On the run is refreshing to listen and fantastic. I really like this song !! I would encourage all to listen and enjoy !!!