REVIEW album NOEP Heads In The Clouds

NOEP Brings Warm & Sunny Vibes With New EP ‘Heads In The Clouds’

Heads In The Clouds


Three years after dropping his first single ‘Move’, young Estonian singer-songwriter Andres Kopper from Tallinn proves he’s ready to conquer the European music market in just five songs.

No need to dig deep into the EP to notice that NOEP has perfectly understood how to incorporate his personal touch in current electro music trends: first soft-picked guitar notes on both main EP tracks ‘Heads In The Clouds’ and ‘Offside’ (featuring British dance/electronic music duo Tough Love) immediately projects auditors into summer. A melancholic sound that, instrumentally wise, actually resembles DJ and music producer Petit Biscuit work. And while some similarities with tropical house can be found here, NOEP actually manages to explore a large range of music genres in just a few songs.

Tune ‘Cold Medicine’, by opening with main vocals for instance, strongly recalls an Imagine Dragons vibe until the chorus arrival. As a matter of fact, the latter lets in a powerful and typical electro-bass line, overlapped by several melodic lines in a ‘Chainsmokery’ way. A structure similar to EP’s fourth track ‘Loved The Love’, but where NOEP’s low voice dominates the song, a feature Calvin Harris fans would adore.

Finally, last track ‘TV’ completely stands out of the project, as NOEP turns into a surprisingly amazing rapper for three minutes. The modern-melodic trap/hip-hop instrumental accompanying him makes the tune actually sound like Ansel Elgort rapping over a Zack Villere-produced beat, giving an unexpected turn to the EP – and maybe announcing a new artistic direction for a future album?

To sum up, NOEP has found the keys to target a large audience on his own: from a tropical house vibe to a more pop/rock one, and even rap, ‘Heads In The Clouds’ is made to please everyone. If a full album is soon to arrive, be ready for an explosion of variety.

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