REVIEW album Carnival Youth Love Is The Answer (Single)

New Single ‘Love Is The Answer' Depicts A Musical Turn For Carnival Youth

Love Is The Answer (Single)

Carnival Youth

The band has truly grown up, and we can hear it.

A slightly psychedelic opening, an irregular beat and lots of synth sounds: we are far from ‘2014-Carnival Youth’. If we actually take their first ever release ‘Never Have Enough', we could say that it is quite the opposite of brand new track, ‘Love Is The Answer’.

As a matter of fact, their whole first album ‘No Clouds Enough’ completely reflects the band's musical influences back then: a rough recorded - almost garage-like - sound, playful nostalgic guitar lines on a regular drumbeat, sometimes enforced with high xylophone notes… all the ingredients for a flourishing indie rock band are there: it is a successful perfect mixture of early days Wombats and Vaccines music.

‘Love Is The Answer', on the other hand, introduces us to a more grown-up, risk-taking and out-of-the-box Carnival Youth. It is indeed a darker song, where unheard musical techniques in their previous tunes are prominent: it’s as if the bass line is completely leading the song and electronic instruments are the stars of the show. Add to that the innovative structure of the track, and it basically sounds like MGMT recent work dosed with vocals resembling northern musical sensation Asgeir’s – an unusual but working combination.

It is a bold, noticeable and refreshing comeback for Carnival Youth. ‘Love Is The Answer' introduces us to the band's new unique sound, making them stand out from the indie rock scene. All we ask for is to hear more of their new work, for a better view of their evolution.

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