REVIEW album The Vaulted Skies No Fate? (EP)

'No Fate?' EP Review

No Fate? (EP)

The Vaulted Skies

When I listened to them first I had the same reaction as Chris Nosnibor's review. Was I really listening to something produced last year or something I had somehow tragically missed from my uni years in the early 1980s? The Vaulted Skies have the goth and post punk 1980s sound perfected. Great dance vibe too.

The opening track, ‘Does Anyone Else Feel (Strange)?' contains a classic retro synth, pounding rhythm and great guitar riff definitely reminiscent of The Sisters of Mercy.

'The Falling Man' could have been lifted straight from Joy Division's 'Closer' and 'The Night' has more goth influences combined with and some early Japan.

As their website says, it's for anyone who loves The Cure, Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Placebo, Radiohead, Joy Division, New Order, early-mid-era Muse, Warpaint, Interpol and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Also for people who don't...

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