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Raw & Raucous, Arkansas Dave Delivers One Hell Of A Debut!

Arkansas Dave

Arkansas Dave

Arkansas Dave is not named after the George Strait song, nor the famous outlaw from the late 1800s. No, he is an artist who lives in Austin, Texas but was raised a fundamental Christian in some small town in Arkansas. Having experimented with drink and drugs to rebel against the harsh discipline of his childhood, he cleaned himself and turned to music to save his soul. Now he saves ours and he delivers what is most surely destined to be celebrated as the definitive debut release of 2018.

Rather than playing into the hands of a genre-driven industry, the rebel within Arkansas Dave continues his fight against society as he delves into the world of Rock, Blues, Punk, Grunge and dare we say it, Country. And he delivers them all with a gritty, raw realness that will shake you to the core.

As he riots through the album's 13 songs, he takes you under his wing and ensures you join the charge as he forces forward with his stunningly addictive collection. Without a moment to relent or release, Arkansas Dave triumphs home with the victory ensured. You are now his loyal follower and will sing with all your might as you scream and tell all your friends about this compelling, genre defying and frankly, absolutely awesome artist.

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