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Talking to Steve Aoki

I walked behind Steve Aoki pretty much the whole way along the dirt track to the press area. A number of things confirmed his world renowned status for me, if it wasn't for his entourage surrounding him or the designer clothes, then the screaming girl just outside the artists village definitely did the trick.

Steve Aoki is a pretty interesting guy. I'd prepared about 10 minutes of questions for him, but quite honestly I could've asked many many more. The chat was unique in the way that to my disbelief, I probably walked away from this interview with more questions than I came with.

Aoki said how one of the reasons he was here in the UK was because he felt as though British radio stations weren't playing his new album Neon Future II, and that it was a perfect stage for him to showcase it to a British audience. I couldn't agree more with Aoki on this, it was a perfect opportunity, but I'm not quite convinced it was one he took.

I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of the so called 'EDM' genre, but for me his set just didn't translate. There were quite a few gimmicks, for example, playing the opening scene to the Lion King, and for me, it felt like there was more dancing than DJing going on. Don't interpret that as me doubting Aoki's ability because I don't for a minute, I just feel as though it may have been somewhat of a missed opportunity.

Having said that, Aoki drew a huge crowd to the North Stage, who all seemed to be getting right into the cake throwing antics he often engages in during his sets.

Give the interview a listen below, maybe it'll answer more questions for you than it did for me.

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