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The More I Go To Club Domino Blitz...

Domino Blitz

Tim Muddiman

'Domino Blitz' is the second album to be released by Tim Muddiman, a fiercely independent and individual artist with a unique sound and a desire to stay true to his creativity.

This is a carefully crafted collection of songs supported via a very successful Pledge Music campaign. Those of us involved with the campaign were treated to sneak peaks as the songs were evolving and Tim’s high level of output meant so many songs were written there were too many for just one album and only the best of the best (12 tracks) have made it onto 'Domino Blitz'.

Tim Muddiman's debut album, 'Paradise Runs Deeper', has been a firm favourite of mine since its release in 2016, so I had high expectations for 'Domino Blitz'. This expectation has been met and surpassed. 'Domino Blitz' is more than a collection of songs, it’s an album to lose yourself in. Tim’s descriptive lyrics, husky vocal style, melodies and outstanding guitar layers paint a picture which allows you to be transported to the world of club Domino Blitz where everyone feels at home regardless of, or because of, their individuality.

From the opening notes of the first track, "Broken Down Superstar", this album grabbed my attention and repeatedly I find myself so lost in the music that I don’t want it to end. And so I reach out, press “repeat” and I’m lost again. I’ve tried, and failed, so far, to pick a favourite track. Each has its individual merits. Together they combine to make one quite brilliant album.

I love that it is an album for all seasons – for listening to as a complete journey, and also for dipping in and out of depending on how the mood takes you; there are mellow tracks for quiet times ("Summer Moon" and "From The Hills" are great to chill to); tracks for when you’re mad ("Get It On"); for the times you want to rock out, "Broken Down Superstar", and even a great sing-a-long too ("Clark Gable").

Don’t get left behind …. Turn the lights down low and go to club Domino Blitz.

Where can you find this Blitz? Soon to be released on all digital platforms.

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  • Beautifully written article Jackie. My thoughts too. Great album. Can’t stop playing it.