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Planet Case Unveils New Single ‘Average’

Average (Single)

Planet Case

Following the release of ‘Satellites’ and ‘Same Old Blood’ a few weeks ago, the Finnish band continues to surprise us with their new unexpected dancing title ‘Average’.

If you haven’t met Planet Case already, here’s the one (and only) thing you must remember about this band: watch out for them. These five boys coming straight from the city of Helsinki gather all the skills needed to become a quality alt-pop/rock band on the British musical scene.

While they’re still in their early twenties, Planet Case seem to have found their sound already. In the line of their previous single and EP ‘Simple Thoughts’, ‘Average’ follows the ‘Same Old Blood’ codes:

-A nostalgic feeling: if you grew up listening to beloved bands such as The Script or The Vamps, Planet Case will take you on a trip down memory lane. Cheerful vibes, moving beats and catchy melodies that will only make you want to sing along - the formula, here, is impeccable;

-Loud, impactful choir-sound choruses: a very efficient combination which already proved itself in hits songs from renowned bands such as Bastille or Imagine Dragons, literally giving an epic musical proportion;

-Meaningful lyrics: ‘Average’ tackles current issues, particularly present since the creation of social media. With all the trends shaping everyone’s minds, the notions of originality and uniqueness are slowly disappearing. Through this song, Planet Case tries to encourage listeners to push boundaries and get out of that stranglehold - a clever strategy precisely aiming their target audience.

And while only a few songs from the band are currently available on streaming platforms, Planet Case has already proven that their music is there to make a difference – a remarkable factor confirming our earlier statement: watch out for this band.

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