REVIEW album Planet Case Simple Thoughts (EP)

After Two Hits Singles, Planet Case's EP 'Simple Thoughts' Is Out

Simple Thoughts (EP)

Planet Case

After teasing us for the past couple of months with the revealing of their singles 'Average' and 'Same Old Blood', Planet Case finally released their full EP 'Simple Thoughts' a few days ago on all streaming platforms.

To complete the hits quoted above, Planet Case disclosures through 'Simple Thoughts' two songs completely falling in line with the cheerful and nostalgic vibes that were heard in their previous songs: 'Industrial Dust' and 'Universe&I'.

A great surprise as both make a perfect addition to their final EP. From a general point of view, Industrial Dust counters the rest of the project with a more worried melody and lyrics, giving an unforeseen development to the opus. Universe & I', the immediate following track, enforces this unexpected side with a strong and heavy rock'n'roll beginning played on multiple electric guitars. The song puts forward singer’s Aleksi Yli-Sissala loud and powerful vocals, in a Dan Reynolds’ Imagine Dragons kind of way. Moreover, the echoing and reverbed instrumental strengthens the resonating message, which paints the questioning of our significance as individuals in such a big universe.

This EP says a lot about the Finnish band. Behind dancing and sunny harmonies, the young members have a will to provide and influence their audience with important messages. An approach particularly put forward in their last hit single 'Average', pushing people to go beyond the boundaries and discovering their true selves rather than imitating trends on social media. This idea has by the way been freshly put into a video: a perfect way to show that the band is to leave an important footprint in the music industry through their songs.

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