REVIEW album Sputnik We Are Falling (Single)

Sputnik Releasing New Singles To Coincide With The World Cup

We Are Falling (Single)


The Russian band from St Petersburg have created something I have never seen come out of Russia before, from a creative point of view. Their music is positive and upbeat, meaning that Sputnik have made your perfect summertime soundtrack, filled with the perfect indie anthems and catchy pop hits. Sputnik have shown initiative and imagination allowing them to produce something this fresh and powerful. Their new track 'We Are Falling' can be seen as risky as this type of thing has never really been done before in Russia, however it is exciting to see music coming from this part of the world and music is something that should continue to push barriers and bring people together. It is also refreshing listening to a band that is not from the US or the UK and instead focusing on other cultures as well still remembering our roots.

'We Are Falling' which will be coming out at the same time as the World Cup, is the perfect way to kick off the games and bring the world together. It sounds as though 30 Seconds To Mars and Red Hot Chilli Peppers have got together and created a single, and it is great! The track has a sense of theatrics about it, with their fierce vocals and synthy guitar riffs, then the chorus hits and you get the beat of the drum which you can feel in your chest, this then paired with the reverb of the vocals add to the dramatics of the track.

Music has always been an outlet for people, those who create it and those who listen to it. Sputnik have managed to create something grand, exciting and unapologetic everything the world needs right now.

It is refreshing and positive and for a change brings people together instead of tearing us all down.

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