REVIEW album Lilygun Strength & Grace


Strength & Grace


Just took delivery of this album, after having to wait on the second pressing, so popular was the first!... Obviously 'Inside' is the key track. Love the vocals on that, nice rock feel to it, reminds me a bit of Amy Lee and how she likes to variate between emotional quiet vocals to the more raunchier powerful vocal.

'Out Of Yourself' is my personal favourite! Vocals are luscious, warm, dreamlike. Not sure if Anna Christina has harmonised with someone else, harmonised with herself, or simply over-dubbed! Love this one lyrically too. A gem!

'Braveface', I love! Combination of the bass and drums is absolutely spot on. Well done to the mixing team! What goes around is a good old fashioned anthemic rock choon. Great mix of melodic and raunch. Hard to categorise this band, and that is probably what the band want to hear!

All in all, a brilliant album. Can't really say there's a weak track on there. Lyrics a tad dark in places, and I like that Anna Christina can express emotion without it sounding too dark. But the album isn't just about Anna Christina! David Ryder Prangley's guitar work is sublime, and the rhythm section of Belle and Adie is powerful, yet sublime. Aaron's guitar work also adds so much to this quite brilliant album

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