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Block 2 (Single)


'Block 2'

You only have to listen to this track for a minute or so to realise how catchy and tantalising it is, this is exactly what you need after a long day. Now the idea of 'genre' is becoming less and less relevant, people are too keen to ask, "oh so what genre do you listen to?" or "what genre would you describe that band as?", when in actual fact all that does is take away the imagination and purity of that album, that track, that artist. Music is supposed to be free and I think that is exactly what Exiled are reminding us.

Their tracks are all about good nights out, getting drunk, growing up, so it probably won't surprise you that Exiled are made up of students. This is the perfect band to hide behind when you are too scared to do any growing up. Their music is real and exciting and would make the perfect soundtrack to those weekly house parties everyone from your year would attend and your mum would buy you four Smirnoff Ice's and you'd still manage to end up with the worst hangover the morning after. However you'd remember this band, that song that played when you all squeezed into your friends front room, and for all the house parties yet to come this track will play and it will never fail in making those soon to be adults forget about their exam tomorrow, or the fight they had with their boyfriend/girlfriend, or the fact that you still don't have a Saturday job. This track is infectious and is exactly what we need.

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