REVIEW album Good Canary Endgame (Single)

Good Canary Releases New Track 'Endgame'

Endgame (Single)

Good Canary

Good Canary sings with elegance and class, something that in today's music culture is very rare and refreshing. She has managed to turn pop music into something that I never thought I would see or hear, it is indulgent and elegant and understated and just what the pop culture needs. A reminder that it is not all about 'what she wore' and 'who she is dating' but instead she writes about mental health, faith, the purpose of music, which is what the younger generation need to be hearing and hopefully this will inspire future musicians to create music that is different and bright and intelligent.

The track 'Endgame' is understated and beautiful, you feel as though you are being lifted by clouds and everything around you is soft and gentle. The contrast when she begins singing and you take note of the ironic humour in her lyrics and then all of a sudden the music turns and instead you are hearing devilish piano-riffs, making you feel as though you have been thrown into a mystical world.

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