REVIEW album Jake Brooker Growing Pains (Single)

Jake Brooker Releases New Track 'Growing Pains'

Growing Pains (Single)

Jake Brooker

Jake Brooker is today's modern day folk singer and will make even teenagers fall in love with folk. 'Growing Pains' is full of unforgettable melodies and riviting storylines. The melodic harmonica combined with the electric guitar, just shows how you can continue to grow in a genre, he has taken chances and for that reason he has captivated us. He is our modern day Flogging Molly and The Pogues combined.

Brooker removes the gimmicks and shows allowing you to take it all in and hear his voice for what it is, he shows bravery in this. Nowadays many artists hide behind the reverb or the overly amplified guitar or the backing vocals, so instead all the listener truly gets is a mish-mash of 'ok'. Is that really what we are going to let music turn into. Jake Brooker is not, he has found new ways to play old sounds which in its own has therefore created his very own sound. The subtleties behind the track make 'Growing Pains' pure genius, it crackles with enthusiasm and intuition and absorbs you.

Jake Brooker has taken the old and the new and created something that older generations can think back and remember what they used to listen to, and newer generations can see and hear what beautiful music truly sounds like.

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