REVIEW album John Butler The Loyal Serpent

Re-discover The 90's Vibes With John Butler's Album

The Loyal Serpent

John Butler

After reaching the peak of their musical career in the 90s, the Leicester band Diesel Park West decided to part ways, leading frontman John Butler to release his alternative pop/rock solo album: 'The Loyal Serpent'. And after 21 years of absence, the singer-songwriter offers us a re-mastered version, bringing us back to this beloved musical time.

John Butler’s sound is the reflection of a particular era: as a matter of fact, this time saw the rise of punk bands such as Crazyhead, pop rock ones like Voice of the Beehive and of course – Jesus Jones. If there’s one track that made the band particularly famous, it is their cover of JJ’s ‘Info Freako’ which was featured on 'The Food Christmas' EP. And while the nostalgic vibes are present for sure, Butler’s solo opus is ages away from what Diesel Park West’s previous productions. The artist made sure of that by adding bonus tracks much funkier and dancier – giving another dimension to this album and truly renewing the experience for the ones who are already familiar with the project.

Fans will therefore be able to grab and re-discover 90’s nostalgia with John Butler on August 3rd. And if you are to live the full 90’s experience, you will be able to order the re-mastered album in vinyl form. So let yourself embark on a trip down memory lane, and get ready to enjoy your summer under nostalgic vibes!

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