REVIEW album Geniuser I Am

Geniuser ‘I Am’ Album Is Finally Here

I Am


After a good teasing for the past few months, electronic-experimental duo Geniuser has finally unveiled their awaited new album a few days ago – and they did not disappoint.

Michael Allen and Giuseppe De Bellis have been absent from the musical scene together for quite awhile now, but only to prepare us for the massive bomb that is 'I Am': 12 songs, all very unique and attacking your senses, a challenge the band has definitely risen up to. It is no secret that the band’s sound is atypical, and needs to be more than listened: it needs to be experienced. Each track has a particular feature, allowing us to paint a picture and imagine complete different scenarios for each song.

We can tell the interpreter is going through an introspective quest, from the name of the album itself to Je Suis Geniuser (translate “I Am Geniuser”) or track number 11 'Is It Me?' . The project even opens up with a song entitled 'Man Of God', announcing the general vibe and message of the album. Dark, meaningful and deep, these are the feelings put forward in 'I Am'. It is hard not to let yourself embark on an intense listening once you pressed play: the deconstructed rhythmic line and atypical sounds used to create the main melodies really take you on an intense journey.

Geniuser managed to live up to the challenge by creating an album that perfectly completes their musical path so far. We are only hoping that we won’t have to wait another 10 years for a next album.

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