REVIEW album J-Rob MD Sick AF

As Advertised, This EP's Sick AF

Sick AF

J-Rob MD

In his third EDM album, singer/songwriter/DJ/talent agent J-Rob MD flexes every musical muscle he has to bring you the most eclectic EDM album you've ever heard. Don't expect more of the same here people; this album is unlike any of Doctor J's other stuff and deserves a few strong repeated listening sessions to fully appreciate the evolution of this talented artist.

The album opens with the upbeat chorus of “Runaway Tonight”, which conjures images of young lovers sprinting across a moonlit beach, hands entwined, about to make the stupidest mistakes of their lives, mistakes that end up leading to their greatest memories. This is the embodiment of young love rendered in 128bpm and it is J-Rob MD doing what he does best: depicting feels in musical format.

What distinguishes J-Rob MD from any other EDM artist, however, is his ability to fuse reckless abandon for conventional music rules with ardent melodies and vocals that form genuinely good music. “Change the Game” feat. Tre Houston throws together a dynamic duo of EDM producer and rapper that at first glance is comical but on deeper listen reaches a harmonious balance of two seemingly disparate genres. This song is the embodiment of two dreamers doing what they must do to keep the dream alive, changing the game as the ever-demanding game calls for, shifting from house beats to rap bars to saxophones bellowing in the background. Are you entertained now? What? EDM isn't supposed to have rap in it? Screw you, rules. The "rules" also say doctors aren't supposed to be musicians, and here we have J-Rob MD re-writing the freaking textbook of EDM with co-author/rapper Tre Houston aka the white Rick Ross.

With a hook that has a comfortably familiar feel to EDM fans, “Go Where It Takes Us” feat. Instagram star Amanda Paris (Instagram: @missamandaparis, Warning: mildly NSFW *heavy breathing*) caresses your ear drums into a trance like dream that makes you want to let go and just follow where the smooth melody and comforting vocals take you. I can easily see this becoming the most popular song on the album as it will appeal to even the common masses that are uninitiated into J-Rob MD's expressionistic World of EDM.

It is clear J-Rob MD is evolving as an EDM artist. This dude's drops and hooks and other song terms I wish I knew to describe elements of his musical talent have developed so astronomically in such a short span of time, you would think these songs are from a different artist. The hottest drop by J-Rob MD thus far is from this album’s “The World is Our Dancefloor”, a highly sophisticated bass pumping party track that demonstrates an improved mastery of orchestrating vital EDM elements into a sturdy single that can dance to its own beat.

The most daring EP yet from this talented and budding DJ, 'Sick AF' delivers on its promise. His high risk taking, convention shattering approach has paid off for J-Rob MD. Keep this DJ physician on speed-dial people, because he has the cure for your Hypogoodmusicemia (a devastating condition plaguing the current generation of young adults that is the result of a deficiency in good music). If you would like to donate to research to find the cure for Hypogoodmusicemia, please buy this album. All proceeds will go to this cause that is totally real and not made up.

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