REVIEW album Lavender Hills Never Coming Back Again (EP)

Lavender Hills Release Their New Track 'Never Coming Back Again'

Never Coming Back Again (EP)

Lavender Hills

The London based band Lavender Hills formed of Luke Spiers, Beaumont Chivers, Joe Gunstone and Adrian Morat was created in 2016. Since then they have released many EP’s with their most recent one being ‘Never Coming Back Again’, with the dramatic riffs and funky soul Lavender Hills have combined classic and new rock. Their music is heavy with riffs and funky soul whilst still not taking themselves so seriously. The humour added throughout their tracks is what will make this band memorable, it is as if they have taken a leaf out of ‘The Streets’ book.

The rich vocals and indie rock guitars makes this something you just can’t ignore, you loose control and find yourself bobbing along to the track. The rich vocals commanded with the dramatic guitars has made punk-rock beautiful. You can’t help but find yourself adding this band to every playlist you have ever created.

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