REVIEW album George fiVe Back On It (Single)

George Five - ‘Back On It’: A Tale Of Romance, Destruction & Freedom

Back On It (Single)

George fiVe

Back with his brand new single, Catalonian singer-songwriter George Five’s latest offering ‘Back On It’ is a chicly uplifting pop track exploring the acumen of romantic connection.

George Five is a London based singer-songwriter and a bass player. Centering his life notably around the guitar, piano, and bass, George’s collection of soulful pop music represents as a truly honest and heartfelt illustration of musicianship. Originally from Barcelona, Spain, George Five is back with a fresh new hit single, ready to share with the world.

With a unique and professional sound, George Five’s new release seems to channel a lot about what he has to say about his own life and the world around him. His groovy combination of folk-pop expresses a polished, yet relaxed tone with a personal perspective.

Bringing himself forward as the latest addition to the contemporary pop scene, George Five hits home with ‘Back On It’, presenting us with a well-rounded, modern pop track with a hint of picturesque European character.

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