REVIEW album The Rising Moving On

Anthemic Rock Country To Move Your Heart, Soul & Feet

Moving On

The Rising

Belfast's The Rising have had a rather testing few years. Having been born out of the ashes of founding member Chris Logan's rock band, the group toured their BBC Radio 2 championed debut album and realised that there were a few issues. They reconvened post-tour and almost disbanded, however Logan knew his vision had heart and so forged forward. Enlisting a new vocalist, Chantelle McAteer to join himself and bassist/keys player Brian Mellors, the group started work on a new album when one of the band's member had a close encounter with death.

Rather than allow the experience to deter them on their journey, the band poured the experience into the music and fought ahead with a new determination. Now all healed, the group have already been enjoying extensive support for their stunning single 'Rebound', and have the difficult task of topping it with their difficult second album.

And this is something they seem to do effortlessly. The band are on the label Rock Country, which is definitely a fair general assessment, but this is an album which will appeal to a far wider audience.

Central to their appeal is the emotionally charged, but never overblown vocal delivery of McAteer, while the dexterous playing of Logan and Mellors matches the emotional journey. The extended guitar solos in less capable hands would feel out of place, but when delivered by former Young Musician Of The Year Logan.

With album highlights including 'Even The Stars Fall For You', 'Moving On', 'Love Is' and 'Back To Me', this is a record you need in your collection.

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