REVIEW album Florida Kee Bag Of Dreams (Single)

Florida Kee Is Trap & Soul Done Right!

Bag Of Dreams (Single)

Florida Kee

In this new era of trap/mumble music it’s becoming a rare case to actually hear a story that is realistic and relatable. That is all about to change with Florida Kee. His voice tone commands a presence and his music lyrically paints a picture of real life ups and downs. Finally trap music with soul.

When I was introduced to his song “Have you Eva” off the 'Bag of Dreams' mixtape I instantly knew this song was going be a classic. Then I saw the video and it all connected. Florida Kee’s video performance was at a level that is rarely seen in videos from today's artist. You can see and hear the emotion of this song. I know I said this but this song is 1,000% relatable. We also get a taste of his other talent, singing , yes that is Florida Kee singing the chorus which leaves us wanting more.

This is Trap and Soul done right and he sounds like no one in the industry.

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