REVIEW album Chocolate Hills A Pail Of Air

A 'Pail Of Air' By Chocolate Hills

A Pail Of Air

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills is the brainchild of legendary DJ and co-founder of seminal electronic legends The Orb, Alex Paterson and Metamono’s Paul Conboy.

Together they have developed a sound that takes them back to their '90s ambient roots, with a visionary bass journey of beats with epic, holographic 3D soundscapes and weird and wonderful analogue tangents.

Their debut album 'A Pail of Air' is unpredictable and serendipitous, an adventure of the imagination, a cinematic widescreen meltdown. It features six tracks 'Rehip', 'Relax', 'Reboot', 'Relight', 'Reset' and 'Reclaim' and I'm calling it an analogue masterpiece.

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