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Sam C Harris Bring Back Pub Rock

Heading to The Enterprise in Camden I feel like I’m being transported back to the 70’s.  This is one of many popular rock venues in the iconic London town and I've got an invitation to see headlining Indie Punk Band Sam C Harris in my pocket.

sam c harris

Walking into the dimly lit room, the band dispenses an energy that's infectious through just coming on stage; wearing leather jackets, ripped skinny jeans and a Ramones t-shirt the image looks familiar but ideal in this venue. Heavy guitar riffs and a gorgeous mature sound transmit a message that good old rock music is back, with some hints of Velvet Revolver it’s easy to get that 70’s rock feel from Sam C Harris and it’s a feeling that I think should stick around.

This head-banging, Punk attitude is so refreshing to hear again as 70’s Punk Rock music was somewhat disowned and now we’re only left with the Foo Fighters but it’s good to hear a young and fresh band are attempting to bring it back with that drooling image the ladies once loved... it doesn’t help that the lead singer Sam C Harris himself has long hair.

Though a small stage and small crowd, Sam C Harris gave an energetic performance that portrayed something bigger where I witnessed the band engrossed in their music with bodies and guitars acting as one. Having fun with the crowd too, it was forgettable that two members were only temporary having had a previous band member drop out prior to this show. But this was irrelevant to tonight’s performance as it was ultimately a successful gig with an obvious kick of the microphone stand and jump onto the drum kit to end the rocking gig.

Sam C Harris
Facebook page. Written By Hannah West

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