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An Original Penguin's Plugged In Session With Peace

An Original Penguin Menswear Clothing had invited us to be a part of their "Plugged in Live Sessions" this week and it was a very special session to be involved in.

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With very limited tickets to this intimate gig at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden available the hosts did not fail in making you feel special as one of the lucky ticket holders.  At the lavish venue, up the lift to the fourth floor into the cool Oak Room was a swanky bar and red lit side room with instruments awaiting their players.

Peace were the headliners of this live Session opening with the fun track “Lovesick”, the crowd were dancing and having fun immediately. Original Penguin did a fantastic job of choosing Peace as an act as they’re a fun, charismatic and great band to watch live but also have some awesome songs to sing along to. Though the band were obviously amazing and they played all their successful songs such as “Wraith”, “Money” and the final song of the night the fantastic “Bloodshake”, it was the sound from the venue that enhanced the positivity from the evening; as it was crystal clear.

With more praise towards Peace as they can-do-no-wrong, they played their newest single “Lost On Me” which was already very familiar with the crowd as the band have a loveable and supportive fan base. But as much as I love their music too I was somewhat distracted through the night by chattering businessmen in suits when I noticed that this gig had a mature atmosphere and composed feel rather than a chilled and fun environment that I’m used to when previously seeing the band. However, as it was Peace playing it was easy to get back into the moment and sing along with everyone.

A successful session from Original Penguin once again means I am very keen and looking forward to seeing who will be next up to feature and whether I can bag myself a lucky ticket... see you next time!

Written by Hannah West

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