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Introducing: All These Animals

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

All These Animals want to tell you how they feel, and their debut self-produced EP does not dilly dally.   Within the first minute of track one they have sat you down and told you that everything is not ok.  We are privy to but a smattering of acoustic guitar chords before a soft voice confesses a busted knee and a tendency to drink.  We sympathise.  The voice tells us it has a lot to learn, and we empathise.  And then, 48 seconds into this intimate disclosure and we are accelerated into a sudden outbreak of layers of guitar distortion. Our narrator transmutes from confessor to accuser, the guitars clamour, they rant and rave, they climax, they abate.  Our confessor is back.  He is sorry.  It’s not you, it’s him. All These Animals pick you up, spin you around, spit you out, then put their hand on your shoulder and tell you they know how you feel.  They weave hooky, well-crafted song writing with detonations of 90s guitar distortion turbulence, and hold it all together with a solid rhythm section that knows exactly when to shut up and when to start pummelling. Singer/guitarist Mike Wilson wields a voice that moves from gently intimate to marauding, and has no doubt set many a heart aflutter. For a self-produced EP, it does a worthy job of capturing the essence of some undeniably good songs, and its rawness adds to the charm of what is clearly a group of genuine musicians just experiencing life and creating music together. All in all, a solid first effort and a tasty hors d’oeuvre of things to come.  Keep an ear out for All These Animals. WEBSITE: FREE EP DOWNLOAD:

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