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“Hozier” is the name stamped across a black backdrop overshadowing the stage; a tall lone figure emerges with a guitar across the body. Moments of silence just after the thunderous applause from the crowd is pivotal as the figure comes alive with a dark depth of beautifulness. The rich deep tone that is Hozier is so rare and harmonious it captivates the audience creating a trance like feel in this intimate venue. Blue lights illuminate this tall man against the simple backdrop, no fancy technical effects is required as the music is all you need. Fluctuating between an electric and acoustic guitar shows Hozier’s talent and the difference in sound he uses to create such flawless songs. Hozier’s vocals in ‘To be Alone’ put the crowd at a standstill with the contrast in his gorgeous deep tone to a high faultless pitch; with this contrast against the single guitar it proves that his voice is so rare and makes the performance look effortless. Looking around this intimate space, audience members are swaying their bodies, shaking their heads and closing their eyes. Not just listening but feeling the music Hozier has created.  The gentle yet rough and rusty guitars adds a blues feel to Hozier’s music making it somewhat edgy but still charming with his cool attitude. As Hozier narrates a story of how he recorded and shot ‘Cherry Wine’ the Irish born artist stays to true to his roots depicting an image of rural Ireland. Speaking quietly, his music speaks for himself being loud with confidence and the intricate details of each song are perfected. Altering the mood of this performance Hozier performs two covers that are so far stretched from each other but proving that not just the audience but he is having a good time. ‘Whole Lotta Love ’originally by Led Zeppelin brings the audience as a whole, singing the lyrics with Hozier whose voice adds a folk feel to the classic song. Joking that his next cover could be seen as Blasphemy Hozier performs Amerie’s ‘1 thing’ that was very successful on the Zane Lowe show on Radio 1. This cover is fun and makes you want to have a little dance, sticking to his own ways Hozier still makes the song his own with his deep charming voice and blues electric guitar. With a small introduction to Hozier’s next single an eager fan has already guessed it. This shows the anticipation his fans have and the eagerness to his new material. ‘Sedated’ which is to be released 14
th July 2014. This new song pinpoints Hozier’s versatility with fantastic flowing waves of piano and echoing powerful vocals, it is no doubt the anticipation on this track has already begun. This intense and intimate environment gives you overwhelming emotions that make you want more. Feeling a sense of “wow” and witnessing something so special, that in the Music Industry it is very hard to find. This atmospheric evening portrayed by the amazing talent that Hozier is, only positive comments are left in the air that will now be a sold out show to add to Hozier’s list.
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