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The Boxer Rebellion Deliver Exceptionally

Crossing the wet streets of Kings Cross and looking up at the infamous white building with it's blue luminous lights that is Scala, I’m eager to rush up the stairs and witness a very special occasion.


The Boxer Rebellion barely need an introduction as the band's name itself says so much and since forming in 2001 they've had a number of great albums under their belt. Tonight I understand why they are still so successful and still active in the music industry today.

Performing their first two albums Exits and Union it’s a somewhat nostalgic and exciting atmosphere that I’m so grateful to be a part of... yes this review's going to be completely biased and utterly complimentary but when you see them live (if you haven't already) you will definitely understand and agree with what I have to say.

With whirring guitars and playing around with the feed, it’s a sound that makes my heart beat faster and screams the introduction of a band’s presence. Nathan Nicholson’s vocals are the kind that makes your hair stand on end and gives you goose bumps, so chilling and transfixing and to see this live was exceptional.

The band as a whole create a sound that builds up and is always climatic, the soft echoing vocals and delicate keyboard with the electric guitar adds a hint of edginess making the sound somewhat heavier. Both albums and the music they create have a mix of heaviness like “Watermelon” and “Evacuate” but the delicate rawness from “Spitting Fire” and “Lay me down” is built up with emotion creating an effect on the listener, ultimately making The Boxer Rebellion’s sound  brilliant with a creative contrast.

“You’re Awesome”, “play more often” are just some of the shouts from the crowd and I agree with every one of them, seeing The Boxer Rebellion live has made me want to listen to them every day and I’ll definitely be first in line to see them live again. Clapping, stamping and shouting bring back The Boxer Rebellion on stage for an uplifting encore finalising a fantastic night. The band ultimately create a sound that you don't want to end and make you crave that goose bump feeling. Written by Hannah West

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