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John Fullbright's "SONGS" Soothes Us Into Submission

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

John Fullbright releases his new album "SONGS" on Blue Dirt Records. The first time I came across John Fullbright was while skimming through last year’s Grammy nominations where his debut record “From The Ground UP” garnered a Best Americana Album nod. Curious to the core, I went out and bought the record, carefully placed the vinyl on my precious turntable and the rest was history (“Nowhere to Be Found”, in particular, will leave you breathless). John’s new record “SONGS” (released today, July 21
st), a month after receiving the Rising Star award of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, is a collection of stripped-down masterpieces. The album oozes with intimacy as John’s bare and honest vocals take you on a journey of modern-day Americana. The album kicks off with “Happy (Every time I try and write a song/It always seems to start where we left off)”, offering everything you would expect from a beautiful, traditionally crafted song: simple, but genius at the same time. Considering John’s only turned 26 this April, his voice sounds world weary, evident on the tenderly acoustic “Keeping Hope Alive”.
Understated brilliance at its best!
“I didn’t know I was in love with you/Until you were gone” is the opening line of “Until You Were Gone” and John delivers the notes with utter sincerity and honesty. The album picks up the pace again with “Never Cry Again”, a breezy sing-along, packed with conviction (
The world is mostly made of oceans/And I plan to sail them all) that will keep your feet tapping until deep into the night. Although the record lacks some of the urgency and intent of its predecessor, that’s exactly what makes “SONGS” so compelling. Full of soothing melodies and mellow vocals, this record is best enjoyed on a rainy afternoon, glass of wine in hand. FACT - this guy’s got bags of talent and I personally cannot wait to see what John comes up with next! Written by Alexander Bischof

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