REVIEW album Memory Flowers Atoms (single)

Lost In Space

Atoms (single)

Memory Flowers

The latest single from Memory Flowers reaffirms my suspicion that this artist is champion of an underrepresented genre - call it dreamy-farewell-pop?

It’s soul-searching stuff, but not in a depressing way. The magical acoustic core of the track is Pisanu’s signature, but unlike some of his other music, it’s layered with a space-age twist, which gets more intense as the song goes on. I haven’t had long enough to work out the meaning, but it’s there in bucket-loads, undoubtedly. Set on repeat play. What carries this indulgent music, though, are his extraordinary vocals, brilliantly in between a dreamy ballad and soulful rock.

I’m reluctantly beaming back down from this extraordinary interplanetary experience for the time being - “Please tell the aliens I said hi”.

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