Atoms (single)

Artist/band: Memory Flowers



Memorable & Original

There is something of rock steady influence in the laid back driving drum rhythm that propels...

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More Great Memory Flowers!

Sooooo excited to have received this new track! I've listened to it numerous times already. I...

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Alien Yet Familiar

"Atoms" starts off with an intentionally behind the beat/groovy rhythm along with some little...

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Lost In Space

The latest single from Memory Flowers reaffirms my suspicion that this artist is champion of an...

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Relish Every Bit Of It

Oh, this is lovely.  Memory Flowers sings to you as if you're an old friend along for the ride. ...

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Something New

When I heard about a band making music, my mind shifted to either Indie Pop or Alternative Rock....

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Particle Theory

I have to admit that I am virtually addicted to the sound of the voice of Andrew M Pisanu, and...

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Stunning as ever. Memory Flowers never cease to create beautiful melodies. 'Have' has got to be...

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