REVIEW album Memory Flowers Atoms (single)

Memorable & Original

Atoms (single)

Memory Flowers

There is something of rock steady influence in the laid back driving drum rhythm that propels this ambitious new Memory Flowers track. Proving himself a man of many faces and talents, this is another departure. The melancholia we recognise runs deep throughout, but the undertone is euphoria, which bursts through in the end.

Simplicity and complexity meet here. The poetic vocal and simple piano melodies have a playful quality - but they meet a ponderous lyric and meander through what seems like endless key changes. The transitions are impressively effortless, however, and the listener is swept willingly along.

The highlight has to be the, natural, sensitive yet powerful vocal. One moment intimate and solitary, the next powerful and soaring. The only question remaining is when can we we hear this all live?

New heights reached here, at once earthy and otherworldly. can't wait to hear more.

Please tell the Aiens I've said hi.

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