REVIEW album Memory Flowers Atoms (single)

Particle Theory

Atoms (single)

Memory Flowers

I have to admit that I am virtually addicted to the sound of the voice of Andrew M Pisanu, and have been for some time. His voice is charming, captivating and conveys emotion with great depth.

I like the simple percussive background beat to this track and it hooks you in, but what really resonates with me are the lyrics. My mind has been preoccupied with "the meaning of life and death" after recent bereavements, and these lyrics capture some of my thoughts and feelings so well:

"And so the show continues on
Another dusk another dawn
One day you’re here the next you’re gone
And no one’s travelling alone
Your atoms go back in the pot
The endless spiral stirs it up
You get to glimpse a bit of it
So please just relish every bit of it
You get to glimpse a bit of it"

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