REVIEW album Memory Flowers Atoms (single)

Alien Yet Familiar

Atoms (single)

Memory Flowers

"Atoms" starts off with an intentionally behind the beat/groovy rhythm along with some little intriguing and ethereal alien noises. From that moment I feel that any listener is drawn in to hear what happens next. As soon as the piano track kicks in, I am brought to that all-too-familiar feeling of nostalgia that so many Memory Flowers tracks bring. The warm, rich vocal is immediately touching from the first notes at "Promise me..."

I love how the song builds as it moves along even transposing to another key. This along with the guitar and brass pieces add a light-hearted feeling only to all be stripped away to reveal a sweet, lone, and heart-felt guitar with a forlorn and beautiful vocal. This part of the song takes you from what you were feeling initially and begin to really listen to what the song is trying to get across. There is clear heartbreak in the vocal that moves me to tears after I was just skipping along a few moments earlier.

The ending of the song pulls back in a lot of the other layers and elements ending in a glorious way.

I've been listening to Memory Flowers' music since its inception. This is certainly a bit of departure from the earlier works but, it's to be expected with this known-to-be chameleon of an artist.

Listening to this single really makes me hungry to hear what the rest of the tracks of the full album will be like. I highly recommend this track and and of the earlier works.

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