An Impressive Debut From Secret Company


Published on March 10,2017 by Marijana Mladenić

If you thought Ed Sheeran’s comeback was the best thing about 2017, it might be time to rethink...

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There Is No Alltta-ernative To This Stunning Album


Published on March 09,2017 by Bill Adamson

I love finding fresh music and artists that I have not come across before and Alltta are one of...

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Beau heal her

A Beautiful Debut From Beau


Published on March 07,2017 by Marijana Mladenić

Released on 18 February, the debut EP from aspiring London-based singer-songwriter Beau, is a gem...

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Avant-Garde From Finland - An Introduction To GEA


Published on March 05,2017 by Wesley Butler

How would you like a garden walk in Helsinki, Finland with an experimental pop specialist as your...

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Bfdnl064 thundercat drunk packshot

A Listen In Thundercat Land

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Published on March 04,2017 by Joseph Arwen-Langham

'Drunk' is the fourth studio album from Thundercat, who despite the name, is not a new addition...

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Semper femina

A Voice Of Power & Beauty


Published on March 02,2017 by David Pearce

Laura Marling’s 'Semper Femina' album begins with the gorgeous "Soothing" which puts you in mind...

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Allan Rayman - Bewitching, Bothering & Bewildering In Style


Published on March 02,2017 by Bill Adamson

For someone with what appears to be great talent Allan Rayman is almost off the grid in...

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Pigeons Searching For Wolves


Published on February 26,2017 by Tom Rose

The Pigeon Detectives are back with their 5th studio album 'Broken Glances'. This album, I would...

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The drifter   the dream part 1

A Stunning Introduction To Matt Townsend


Published on February 25,2017 by Wesley Butler

The only way out is up. To dream of freedom is to cleanse our minds of negative thoughts and...

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Walks like an angel

Walks Like An Angel... (Firmly Planted In the Earth)


Published on February 24,2017 by Rosemary Stehlik

...A bittersweet love song to the past that washes across the heart and mind like a dream. ...

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