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Slipknot Will Always Have A Place In Belfast


Published on February 23,2016 by Blaine Marshall

There’s one very special thing about live music in my hometown of Belfast; bands rarely stop...

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Rumours of Fleetwood Mac At Cadogan Hall


Published on February 22,2016 by John Tonner

Wisely combining both the British blues boom Peter Green period, and latter day pop-orientated...

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Public Service Broadcasting Dazzle

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Published on February 22,2016 by Emily Kyne

It’s a cold night in Nottingham, which wouldn’t be much of a problem if everyone attending Public...

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Thunder subba 2

Oh Danny Bowes The Pipes Are Calling!


Published on February 22,2016 by John Hayhurst

By all accounts Thunder should have called it a day about 15 years ago, but the advent of Planet...

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Dallas Deserves Outright Adoration


Published on February 21,2016 by Nathan Roach

Weightless blankets of rain carelessly descended from the sky, magnified under the streetlamps of...

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360 Degree Carnage

Luke oliver forshaw 1374591378

Published on February 21,2016 by Luke Forshaw

It was never going to be a reserved affair. Fluffer records, Whitechapel’s prime purveyors of...

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Erza furman

You Need Ezra Furman In Your Life


Published on February 21,2016 by Gareth Hope

Ezra Furman and his band the Boy-Friends displayed tonight just why they are getting so much...

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Scottish Rockers Light Up Cardiff


Published on February 20,2016 by James Davies

A chilly Tuesday night in Cardiff was the setting for Fatherson's first headline show in the city...

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Kula Shaker - K Reincarnated


Published on February 19,2016 by John Hayhurst

In 1995 at a tiny club in Yorkshire, I witnessed a heady mix of Indian sitar sounds, mystical...

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Cage The Elephant, Need I Say More...


Published on February 18,2016 by Hannah West

Cage The Elephant are one of those bands who I’ve loved for so long, know almost every lyric to...

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