Let the dancers inherit the party

The Rise Of British Sea Power Continues


Published on April 02,2017 by David Pearce

I have to be honest here and say that this is the first British Sea Power album I have ever...

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Amy macdonald subba

Amy Macdonald Under Stars


Published on March 30,2017 by John Hayhurst

It’s hard to believe that this 29 yr old Scottish songstress is on her fourth album in ten years...

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Split the night

Eddy Yang's Melting Pot - Indie Rock & Top 40 Pop


Published on March 30,2017 by Wesley Butler

Eddy Yang is an indie rocker expanding his skill set. Not in the sense that he alters...

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Blossoms the roundhouse 230317 003

Blossoms Smash The Roundhouse


Published on March 29,2017 by Hannah West

Blossoms headlined The Roundhouse in Camden with support from Cabbage and Rory Wynne. Opening...

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Ken boothe

London International Ska Festival


Published on March 28,2017 by Liam Curtin

The London International Ska Festival is always a great event with a wide array of bands and DJs....

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Fs fr 980

Fake Shark's 'Faux Real' Is The Real Deal


Published on March 28,2017 by Ruth Cayabyab

If the past and the future had a baby, it’d be 'Faux Real', the fourth album from Fake Shark, an...

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Img 5512

Staying Strong & Partying Hard Against Terrorism


Published on March 27,2017 by Tom Rose

The day was long and the city stood still in remarks to terrorists attacks at Westminster Bridge...

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Stranger cole

Amazing Line-Up Every Year


Published on March 27,2017 by Richard Reeve

In 2016 it was Stranger Cole with Intensified and the Melbourne Ska Orchestra that made it for...

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London international ska festival



Published on March 27,2017 by Ali Skaba

I eagerly wait for this as this is one place that brings ska & reggae lovers together from all...

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Dixie queen

Skanking On Down To London Town


Published on March 27,2017 by Marty McGuigan

I attended the festival a few years back with a few Belfast city Ska fanatics. We had a great...

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