Beach riot



Published on December 09,2019 by Nick McCoy

Brighton foursome Beach Riot had been pretty close to the top of my bucket list for bands to see...

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My kind of christmas

The Cats Create Christmas Magic


Published on December 07,2019 by David Pearce

The Cats in Space album 'My Kind of Christmas' starts with the title track and it's an absolute...

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My Life Story Bring Fun, Love, Steve Norman & A Sparkly Jacket To Islington


Published on December 04,2019 by RT Lee

We're back in Islington, on home stomping ground again with My Life Story. Jake Shillingford and...

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Mac demarco

A Joy Everyone Should Experience: Mac DeMarco’s 2019 UK Tour


Published on November 30,2019 by Ollie Wood

Wednesday 27th November: It had turned 19:45, it was fast approaching time to enter the venue....

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'Give It Up' - An Upbeat, Slick, Pop-Future-EDM Classic


Published on November 27,2019 by RT Lee

Eclectic UK dance producer Raflo lends a funky 'clinky clink' groovesome dance spin to some...

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Joe Connor Little - 'Always' EP


Published on November 27,2019 by Hannah Thacker

Joe Connor Little is a songwriter who needs very little in order to express his honest emotions....

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Poetic & Poignant Catharsis

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Published on November 23,2019 by Joseph Arwen-Langham

Peggy’s Skylight is a quaint live jazz on the edges of Hockley in Nottingham. Artists perform...

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The arrival

Camlann Takes You To The Dark Side Of Human Nature Through 'The Arrival'


Published on November 22,2019 by Sable Gestures

In early 2019, four teenagers from Jakarta, Indonesia formed Camlann. Of all the music genres...

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My Life Story - Being 'Broken' Has Never Sounded This Good


Published on November 22,2019 by RT Lee

My Life Story serve up another glittering slice of delightfully clever and quirky pop. This...

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The discredited language of angels

'The Discredited Language Of Angels' Is Music As Insurgent Art


Published on November 19,2019 by Nick McCoy

They've been informally named “the indie Stax revue” by one of their most high profile...

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