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Stray From The Path Turn Up The Heat Against The 'Subliminal Criminals'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Stray From The Path have never been categorized as your typical hardcore metal/punk band but if you were to sum up their new album, ‘Subliminal Criminals’, in one phrase, it would have to be a big, fat “fuck this system”.

Like unwritten white knights of rock, the Long Island-based four piece have always aimed to tackle topics that most do not have the balls to even speak out to someone of authority. Not only do they discuss these matters but they quite literally scream every social obscenity down the microphone for all to hear, asking the question of “how can you justify all the lives you’ve fucked up?”

In this case, Stray From The Path point their fingers in the direction of the health industry, law enforcement, technological surveillance and the pigheadedness of the wealthy white generation.

Integrating experimental, unusual and interesting guitar techniques into their catalogue has always been the musician’s insignia and this new release is nothing different from Tom Williams’s style of playing.

“First World Problem Child” storms in with a hard-hitting truth of how “every rich white kid’s got something to say”. The reality being that those educated by their finances, are usually the most oblivious to the suffering of others and first to make stupid allegations, feeling that a piece of paper gives them superiority to the masses.

Dissolutions of grandeur wash over a tide of wealthy businessman and egotistical offspring who have trouble accepting the world as more than just their personal piggy bank. And with Architects own Sam Carter making a guest appearance on the track, the song is nothing short of a political powerhouse.

Another song now rocking in their repertoire includes “Eavesdropper” which illustrates how over the passing years, the ‘big brother’ concept has grown exponentially to the point where the publics security is almost as accessible as a book on a library shelf.

Excuses were made for this invasion of privacy such as the safety of the country due to past acts of external terrorism but recent acts from individuals such as Edward Snowden, revealed a far more insidious plan far beyond tapping a telephone. And with another guest appearance in the shape of politically-active front man Rou Reynolds, the message is pounded home hard.

‘Subliminal Criminals’ grasps a true intensity that their audience can relate to towards ‘the system’. Questioning everything that has gone untruthfully answered alongside a vigorous ascension in their musical peaks, has made this a very successful and opinionated album.

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Words by Nathan Roach