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Five Finger Death Punch 'Got Your Six'... A New Album With A Familiar Sound

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

I would like to say first of all, I am an old Five Finger Death Punch fan. My expectations are that with every album they have gone more mainstream and every new album we get given the songs sound pretty similar. Although they sound similar, they do still have some heavy riffs and lots of bass pedal that we all love with many melodics and lyrics that are very brutal and they're not afraid to blaspheme.

I loved the first album 'The Way of the Fist' but I kind of lost love for them When the 2 part album 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side Of Hell' came out. When I heard that a new album was coming out I wasn't as bothered compared to my old love for them but I thought I'd give it a listen.

To start off we have a track which is their single "Jekyll And Hyde". I personally hate it when bands have their singles as the first track of the album and most albums with the title name being a single of the album. Because I just find that sometimes the track can take over the album and people won't listen to the rest just that one song then put it away, that's just my opinion though.

The track start's with a unique style of vocals which are recorded through a phone on a voicemail. Which is a really cool idea, works really well and is used in other songs. This track is a crowd pleaser which you can easily fist pump, clap too and bop your head with lyrics in the chorus that get stuck in your head. Also there's a strange, odd "oh we owe we owe" which sounds like a didgeridoo which again is something that gets stuck in your head and the crowd will be able to react well live with this.

Overall a good opening track. I enjoyed it but it's lost some of the old 5FDP feel, like it's a much slower track compared to old 5FDP, except like old 5FDP there's an awesome crushing solo! This section being the fastest of the song. A great song more of an entertainment 'let's wake the crowd up', with some feel of the anger that they have and an amazing recording quality. I would like to tell everyone to also check the video out it's pretty sick. Basically they decide to smash up loads of stuff and each band member has a something random about them for example, Ivan Moody is wearing minion lounge pants and Chris Kael is sewing a baby sock.


Overall, it feels like a 5FDP album with a few different tricks, interesting and different mixing techniques. Some heavy rhythmic riffs and very beautiful melodic guitars clean/distorted, with shredding solos that grab you by the balls. One thing I admit is the guitar tones have improved immensely from 'The Way of the Fist'.

Drums, for me, I always thought that in the earlier stuff were too simple. Just a load of constant double bass which is impressive but can get boring, where as I respect the new change in direction with the drums slowing down and making them more powerful, it does them justice, although, again for me, I feel they're still too simple.

I will say I was impressed was the album I just can't help but feel the more tracks they release the more all of them sound similar.  My favourite track is "Question Everything". I apologize, it's the last track on the album and the only one that really stands out being different from the rest which is a bonus track. The album will please many fans, I personally want some different tracks more like "Question Everything", but nether the less great job guys, keep it up.

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Words by Chayce Swain