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Citizen Create Euphoric Limbo In 'Everybody Is Going To Heaven'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

After a successful run with their first album ‘Youth’, the five piece known as Citizen make their way to the centre stage yet again to bring you the deep grunge ensemble titled ‘Everybody is going to heaven’.


The Detroit delinquents have always had a style that was destined to be associated with the words hypnotic, euphoric and hard-hitting, but their latest release seems to have found a weight on its shoulders which brings the band into a new realm of discovering themselves as artists.

Each word spoken holds bitterness and sorrow which is all the more noticeable when added to the daydream style of singing. Minor notes making headway through the album as well as dipping its ink into post-hardcore techniques, the album is firmly anchored to the ground with each aspect of their debut accumulating pound upon pound of that heavy-hearted ‘Seattle sound’.

Tracks such as "Cement" are a classic example of the above. The song brings about a strong and deceitful sensation of feeling weightless, while still being grounded by the heavy chug of bass and drum. It forms a picture of a balloon tethered to the earth, with nothing but a cord keeping it from losing itself in the wind.

The artists however still retain their gritty snarl with tracks such as "Stain". The throat wrenching growls walk hand in hand with a deliberate and violent twang, of both four and six string which adds a little venom to slip you out of the trance for a second to return to your senses.

This LP is guaranteed to never key you up for a night on the town but has the ability to bring about that melancholic moment of self-evaluation and maybe even the possibility of bringing about an epiphany.

This is not an album to dance to or even an album to listen to in the car. This is an album that opens up your world to contemplation and reflection of ones self and situation, something that may lose its content slightly through production, but nonetheless transports you to a state of limbo, which holds a firm foothold when it comes to their instrumental skills.

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Words by Nathan Roach