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Get Caught Up In Kelpe’s 'The Curved Line'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

As someone who dabbles into electronic music, doesn’t really have much knowledge on the genre but is always intrigued and amazed when I hear something along the lines of electronic music, Kelpe really stood out for me and his upcoming fifth album ‘The Curved Line’ is one to really get excited about.

Consisting of 10 very different tracks, Kelpe does the wonderful job of creating a deeper meaning within electronic music. Yes, it’s awesome to have a dance to and really “feel” the music with tracks like “Chirpsichord” and with a name like that, you can’t not love it. But listening to the album as a whole, Kelpe portrays imagery and plays around with intricate sounds that prove thought provoking. Opening with “Doubles of Everything” the liquid synth and ambience of the track is relaxing but contains enough excitement and climax to get you ready for the album.

The relaxed electronic sounds creates a mood that is comfortable and secure, I found myself slowly drifting away with a feeling of content. However, with sudden echoed bangs I begin to think someone is banging on my wall, “How dare they interrupt such a good album?” Then it becomes clear this is the opening to “Red Caps of Waves” which adds a darker tone to the album. Feeling slightly uneasy, it isn’t until the underlying beats and soft synth are again introduced bringing me back to the easy listening. It’s clear at this point that Kelpe has a particular structure as he creates his music and is interesting to follow him as you listen.

‘The Curved Line’ which is set for release on 28th August is sure to take you on an electronic journey, coming to the close of the album Kelpe delivers an exceptional piece that has stuck with me. “Morning Two” is the pinnacle track for me, as it is so tranquil and creates an image of rainforests but includes the same structure of the underlying beat and upbeat tempo to let your mind wander elsewhere.

As a beginner to electronic music I feel I will gain some brownie points for acknowledging the brilliant works of Kelpe.

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Words by Hannah West