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Frank Carter And The Three Rattlesnakes 'Blossom' On To The Scene

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

After parting ways with Gallows and some heavy criticism of the scene and the formation of Pure Love, it seemed very much like Frank Carter was done with hardcore. But tomorrow sees the release of Blossom, the debut album from his new solo project, and a welcome return to the scene.


For someone with no idea what to expect from this 10 track release, they need listen to no more than the first 5 seconds of opening track "Juggernaut" for a clear introduction.

Punching you in the face from the word go, it’s clear that Carter is giving his all to his solo endeavors. "Even on my own/you can’t stop me/Even on my own/I am a juggernaut". The frontman’s scream has lost none of its power, as though they have simply been building inside him while fronting Pure Love.

Though some later songs lack the same level of drive as Juggernaut ("Trouble" and "Anger In Paradise"), almost every intake of breath is audible between the spitting of words. It’s anger that fuels every one of the ten tracks, and while the lyrics may be on the weaker side, their delivery gets the message across loud and clear.

It might not be the hate that he claimed to be tired of singing of since leaving Gallows, but Carter’s writing about his personal experiences of late is scathing and resentful. The three Rattlesnakes provide the perfect accompaniment, an aural attack.

Such is the consistent tone of the album, the last track "I Hate You" is a bit of a surprise. The intro could be taken from any poppier rock album (ignoring the lyrics ‘you’re a useless fucking cunt/you are useless to me’ etc.). Treated to some of Frank’s slightly hoarse singing it seems in general a calmer affair.

However, if the accompaniment is rather more reserved, the vicious lyrics and derisive delivery make this song possibly the angriest on the record. The finish is abrupt and almost unexpected, as though leaving the door wide open for a follow up.

It’s not revolutionary, and those hoping for another 'Orchestra of Wolves' will be left unsatisfied, but this is nonetheless an excellent debut.

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Words by Emily Kyne